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Did you ever wonder why knowledgeable geologists, professional engineers, and professors don't come out and tell you the truth about fracking?


Fear for their jobs, their stature in the professional community, etc. These people are all being shut down by fear and by money.

No one in their right mind would put a high pressure hose from the fire department under their house foundation and turn the water on. So why would they do that hundreds/thousands of feet under their house for the purpose of extracting oil and gas? Only a stupid, greedy businessman would do this.

Furthermore, why would you let them put toxic substances in the water that they pump into the ground which is used to force the gas out? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear your answer. What did you say?


Of course, hell no. No toxic water and no earthquake producing pressures should ever be used in my area. Just so a few people can be enriched we allow these companies and governments to do this all so they can make some money at our expense. We citizens must be dumber than a water soaked log!

They do this when their is a glut of oil on the market and their product pricing is lower than normal but they still insist on getting that oil out so they can move on to a ne location with a few dollars and leave a messy problem behind. 

Why do regular folks defend these guys is beyond me. They are not getting anything out of this activity (typically).

I grew up in the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania in the 1950's - 1960's. The miners had depleted the coal reserves by the 1950's and  then left. They left air holes that kids like a good friend of mine fell into and died. They left piles of coal dirt on the surface and they left town. We had to look at that stuff for the rest of our lives. In one town, the underground mines caught fire and poisonous gases seaped out onto the surface making it unsafe for people to live in that town. The town had to be relocated.

These frackers are even worse. They poison the water, shake buildings, use up valuable water, won't tell us what is mixed into the water (as if it were their water!!!!). Everything is decided based on the money. The politicians are bought by these firms, the property owners are bought and neigbor disputes erupt, all for a few people to get rich.

Fracking is bad and should not be allowed. By the way, the material they frack is typically sold overseas. We don't even get to use our own oil/gas.
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