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Vaccine Illnesses

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Although vaccines can be life savers, they can also be destroyers of life.
There is a tremendous amount of info on the Web about vaccines. We will simply include references here that you may want to check out before you give your child or yourself a potentially harmful vaccine. Important issues such as the timing of vaccines when they involve multiple shots in a series are key as well as when never to give a child a vaccine.

  • Pregnant mothers should never take vaccines
  • Sick dhildren should not take a vaccine while they are sick
  • Vaccines which are give in a series should eb spoaced out over time and never given in too short a period of time. The body needs time to react to the strain that was injected into it.

Remember, that a vaccine is, in fact, a strain of the illness that you are protecting your child or yourself against. Taking in too much of this over a short period of time can be harmfl to the body and in some cases, deadly. 


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